How Do I Strip Body Fat? 3 Easy Tips

If you’re looking to trim body fat whilst retaining your muscle growth, this is the guide for you. At R5 Fitness, we know that fat loss methods vary between each and every person - however these are three top tips I can recommend to you to make a difference and kick start your fat loss in the right direction.

Caloric Deficit

If you’re looking to drop weight, it's crucial for you to eat just under what your body needs to maintain its current weight. The calories each person requires for this differs, personally I can recommend the best way of tracking this would be through the My Fitness Pal app throughout a week. You can then average that number, minus 200Kcals from the overall number - and that’s your baseline.

Activity Levels

When you’re not training, it’s worth evaluating how you spend your time on rest days or around the workplace or home. Whilst taking some time away from the gym, it’s still important to keep track of things like the amount of time you spend sitting down, or the amount of steps you do.

Cutting Out Sugar

How much sugar do you consume each day without really thinking about it? Cups of tea? Mints or chewing gum in the car? It’s okay to have sugar in your diet, but often looking at your daily intake with a magnifying glass can uncover sugars you didn’t even consider. Try cutting these out as much as possible to supplement and support your fat loss goals.