WTF is in my morning shake and WHY?!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

I recently pur-chased some protein, a blender, an assortment of other 'superfoods' and jumped on the morning shake band wagon. Generally I'm about the "real food over supplements" life. BUT! I've wanted to incorporate some specific ingredients into my diet and a shake seemed the best way forward.

Plus, I had fallen into the bad habit of not eating anything for long periods of times in the mornings, up to 5 hours some days. Which wasn't doing me any favours in my battle to keep hold of the ever deterriorating muscle mass.

The assortment of ingredients within this shake are all things I believe are not only great for physical and mental functions within the body but perfect to have first thing in the morning. I try and consume it as soon as I get up, mainly because I've found it also helps with bowel movements (sorry to be graphic - too late!).

So there are the 5 simple ingredients that go into my morning shake and why...

#1 - Coconut Oil

This may seem like an odd choice, but let me explain. Coconut oil is classed as a superfood mainly because 15% of it is made up of caprice acid, also known as MCT's (medium chain triglycerides). MCT's are great for several reasons including gut health and immune health.

But the reason it's in my shake is because MCT's have been strongly linked to an improvement in cognitive function. In other words, in the morning, it helps me count clients reps from 1-20 without fucking up (some clients may disagree!). My personal evidence to back this up is all anecdotal, but there are studies which show just a 40ml dose of MCT's can immediately help the cognitive function of someone who suffers with Alzheimer's.

The second reason coconut oil is in my shake is simply because it's rich in fats. I'm a huge believer of fats in the morning. They help regulate energy better throughout the day and studies by Dr Jacob Wilson have shown if consumed as your first meal of the day over several weeks, your body is able to burn fat as it's main fuel source throughout the day. Making you a fat burning machine!

#2 - Peanut Butter

Again, high in fat with a decent amount of protein. Plus who doesn't like peanut butter?! If I could only eat one thing again for the rest of my life this would be in the running. Reece's Pieces... don't even get me started! And no they aren't in this shake. Unfortunately!

#3 - Kale

On the surface this may seem like a fairly generic ingredient that most people tend to throw in there not really knowing why, they just herd it was 'good for you'. My reasons are far from that. I know exactly why it's going in and specific why I want it blended.

Roughly 15 years ago scientist found certain plants, when chopped/cut, produce a chemical called sulforaphane. It's thought that when we ingest sulforaphane it can have some profound effects on our body. these include

- Anti ageing

- Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress which are shown to increase the aging process.

- Contains nootropic properties to help brain function.

- It can reduce the autistic score in people diagnosed with autism. - Improved cardiovascular function. - Prevent cancer - Clinically proven to reduce the growth of a cancerous prostate tumour by 86%.

The list goes on.

But the most interesting study on sulforaphane revealed it's ability to prevent carcinogens in smokers. Carcinogens are a big factor in causing cancer (particularly leukaemia) and they are found in air pollution. A common carcinogen known as benzene is super prevalent in smokers as cigarettes are packed full of them. In the study they gave smokers a shake containing sulforaphane and within 24 hours they had excreted 61% of the benzene in their system.

Now this may just be one of those things I've read and become fixated on, as we all do occasionally, but I think for the sake of a bit go kale in your morninging shake, it's worth putting in. It's worth noting broccoli sprouts are actually higher in sulforaphane but I'm yet to find a decent stocker in the UK.

#4 - Whey Protein

You knew it had to be in there! No shake is complete without a decent hit of protein. Without going into too many details about the benefits of protein, it's vital in the morning because it will go straight into your depleted muscles and reduces the hormone ghrelin which regulates hunger because protein is satiating.

I get whey as it comes in a heap load of flavours, but there are tonnes of different types on the market now. Hemp, vegan etc. Bulk Powders is the place I go as I know it's sports tested. This basically means you know it has exactly what it says on the packet and it's defo not a knock-off-nige special which will leave you bald in three weeks time.

I've got a referral code which i use with clients at R5. It gets 25% off your first order for new customers. Happy to for you guys to use it. Follow the link Ps I also get you butter butter from there site.

And thats the morning shake in a nutshell. Have a great week. Thanks for reading.



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