Strengthen Back & Improve Posture - 3 Easy Exercises

We all spend too much time sat down. Especially during a pandemic. And with this comes a weak back and more often than not, poor posture.

No matter how ergonomic the chair or how many cushions you stuff behind you, after a few hours sitting down we find ourselves slumped with a rounded back, working for hours in this not so ideal spinal position.

After weeks, months, sometimes years sat like this, the muscles in the back basically forget how to work. Meaning when you eventually stand up, they can't support your spine.

Ultimately this will lead to walking round with your head down, struggling to stand up straight, possibly in pain, catching glimpses of yourself in photos or in the mirror looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Sound familiar?

3 Easy Exercises...

All of the above are probably what bring you to this page, in search of that illusive pain free back and perfect posture.

Well you're in luck - Below I've listed my top 3 exercises which I do with all new clients who show signs of poor posture and a weak back.

Perform each one for 10 reps, with a total of 3 rounds. Check out the video below for a full demo.

Good luck!



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