Epic Home Gym Set Up!

I've had the pleasure of seeing some fantastic home gym set ups develop over the past year, and although equipment isn't always a necessity, it can help it provide much needed variation to your home workouts.

Like most current home gyms, the one I'm about to show you started with very humble begins.

Before being promoted to a gym, it was a garage/storage space. In fact in our first few lockdown PT sessions, we incorporated some of the storage boxes into workouts along with other random items amongst the debris.

The only piece of 'proper' gym kit in the garage was a Concept2 rowing machine which was used to supplement sessions away from our personal training studio here in Sheffield.

But the man behind this gym is a keen weightlifter, who aside from being fit and in-shape, loves to lift heavy. Our sessions pre-covid consisted of many big compound movements and after a month or so of only bodyweight exercises, it just wasn't cutting the mustard.

If I remember correctly, the first purchase was a set of adjustable dumbbells that ranged from 2.5kg to up 25kg. Which was still child's play for a man who weighs well over 100kg.

The investment since then has been vast and for me, it's pretty much the complete home gym set up. There isn't a muscle can can't work, a compound lift we can't do and in fact, most of the big lifts have seen PR's whilst in the new home gym,

So here's the full list (or everything I can remember)...

- Concept2 rowing machine

- Bike

- 2.5kg - 25kg adjustable DB's

- 20kg - 50kg hex DB's

- Olympic BB x2

- EZ Bar

- 282.5kg in plates

- Squat Rack

- Bench

- Pull Up Bar

- Various Resistance Bands


- Plyo Box

- Reebok Stepper

- Landmine stand

- Various T-bar row attachments

- Battle Ropes

- 4, 6 & 8kg slam balls

- Kettlebell handle (turns DB's into KB's - very cool contraption)

- Press Up Board

And most importantly, a plug in heater which has an app so you can pre-heat the room before working out lol. I'd say an essential item with our British winters, but rest assured this gets turned off pretty quickly!

Here are some snaps I took during our sessions. Apologies for the low quality! - taken over zoom and we train at 6.30am.

Thanks for stopping by!