7 Stretches To Improve Your Squat

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Do you struggle to keep your back straight when squatting? Find your knees collapse inwards? Does your back hurt or feel tight?

These are common issues I see with new clients during our first few sessions; in which Inassess movement analysis here at our personal training studio in Sheffield.

There are seven essential exercises I prescribe daily for 4 weeks to help the squat feel more comfortable and become more effective for the glutes, quads and hams.

If you’re having similar issue give these a try...

1. Glute Pretzel Hug

2. Kneeling Groin Stretch

3. Sit & Reach (try with bands)

4. Elevated Foot Lunge

5. Knees Spread Bum Back

6. Front Split Position

7. Half Pigeon

Commit to these stretches every day and I guarantee you’ll see massive improvements not only in your squats position but subsequently your numbers 🏋🏻‍♂️

Good luck 💪🏼