• Ryan Dutton

60min Bootcamp Workout 😅

Updated: Feb 21

Back in December (when exercising in groups of 6 was a thing) we did a workout called ‘12 Day of Xmas’. A CrossFit wod in principle, adapted for our Wednesday THR5 bootcamp.

It requires no equipment and although Xmas has been and gone, I promise it’s still as effective 😉 Give this one a try...

1 - Star shuffle

2 - Squat side step

3 - Tapioca

4 - High Knee Punches

5 - Walking Lunges

6 - Walkouts

7 - Burpees

8 - Deadbugs

9 - Gorilla Squat Thrust

10 - Vertical Jump

11 - Ice Skaters

12 - Jump Squats

Each round you add one exercise i.e R1 - Star shuffle. R2 - Squat side step, Star shuffle. R3 - Tapioca, Squat side step, Star Shuffle.

Each exercise is for 45seconds. There’s no rest in between rounds. This took us pretty much the full hour to complete. Good luck!

Ryan 💪🏼

NB - THR5 bootcamp runs on Wednesday’s at 6pm and Fridays’s at 1pm in Norfolk Park Sheffield

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