Trialling outdoor sessions

We’ve been trialling some outdoor sessions recently!

COVID and stronger lockdown restrictions have twisted our arm and forced us to once again adapt to the circumstances in front of us.

Personal training studio’s are closed, but PT’s under the current rules are allowed to exercise outside with one other person from another household providing social distancing measures are being followed.

So we’ve been training in Norfolk Park, a local one here to me in Sheffield.

Feedback’s been great so far amoungst the select group of clients I’ve trialled this with.

However, there’s some pro’s and cons compared to training at home. Imo the pro’s outweigh the cons so far. See what you think...


- Weather dependant

- Longer warm up needed

- In public, less private

- Dog doo inspection needed


- Use of more equipment than at home (usually)

- Different environment to exercise in

- Time outside of the house

- Higher quality session, trainer can assess form and work rate in person

- Better social interaction

- No connection issues

It’s another option and something we’ll continue to trial over the coming weeks.

Have you tried training in your local park as an alternative to training round the house?

Would love to know how you found it!

Ryan 🤙🏼