Tonight's Push Workout

Definitely didn’t wanna do it tonight. Busy day. Game was on. Motivation low. But guess what, quitters never f**king win.

Sometime you have to dig deeper. You have you remind myself of what you really want. Visualise where you want to be in the future, and understand skipping workouts will never get you there.

Preaching over, here's tonights push ⬇️

Mod. Rep

- Seated BB sh. press x10/12 (2 sets)

- Incline Cable Bench (Ham) x10/12 (2sets)

High Rep

- Arnold Press x20 (2 sets)

- BB Bench x20 (2 sets)

- EZ Front Raise x20 (2sets)


- TRX Face Row x15

- Rear Delt DB Shrug x15

- 3 rounds B2B


- TRX Skull Crusher x6 (3 sets)

- OH Rope Ext x10 - 3sec pause top and bottom (3 sets)