• Ryan Dutton

Snow Excuse! - Outdoor workout 💪🏼

We woke up to a complete white out on Tuesday morning.

Usually the snow throws a real spanner in the works, as clients can’t get down to the our personal training studio here in Sheffield. But as most of our sessions are on Zoom, we found another benefit to online sessions.

The only sessions effected were the ones I’m doing outside in Norfolk Park.

But come Wednesday the snow had already began to melt - lightbulb moment - I bet (more hope) the snow on top of the cricket strip we usually train on will sweep straight off.

Broom in hand I headed done 20 mins before my PT session with Annabel to see if I could clear it.

Did it work?... watch the time lapse video to reveal all.

If you fancy giving today’s workout a go, here’s their run through...


- Burpees x1min

- Walking lunges x25 steps

- DB Squat Thrust x20

- Walking lunges x25 steps

- Fly Jacks x1min

- Walking lunges x25 steps

- Sumo Dead x20

- Walking lunges x25 steps

- High knees x1min

- Walking lunges x25 steps

- Close squat wide squat x20

- Walking lunges x25 steps


- Burpees w press up x1min

- 30m run x6

- DB Dead and Press x20

- 30m run x6

- Walkouts x 1min

- 30m run x6

- DB BOR x30

- 30m run x6

- Elbow to hand plank x1min

- 30m run x6

- Arnold press x20

- 30m run x6

- Star Jumps x1min

- 30m run x6

- Sumo High Pull z20

- 30m run x6

50 mins total 🔥

Good luck!

Ryan 💪🏼

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