Hyperbolic Stretching with Mark - Part II

So we completed the 4 week hyperbolic stretching program! We actually did an additional week as Mark missed a few sessions due to work commitments. I recon we managed to gain an additional foot in his front split position over the past few weeks, but unfortunately he couldn't get his pelvis to touch the floor as we had hoped.

I have a theory on what the issue may have been. Due to time constraints in our 1-1 sessions, Mark and I decided to put all our eggs in one basket - this being the front split position. Both hip flexor and hamstrings drastically increased there range of motion. But once we got right down in the split position. I believe it was actually the groin that stopped us getting lower.

The groin can be stretched by widening your stance out to the sides. But once you get low enough in a front split position, it can also be stretched there to. This is what i feel was holding us back.

We decided to add side splits into the routine, in a bid to get the front split even lower. We did just a week of stretching the groins out before Mark decided to self isolate due to the corona virus outbreak. This has unfortunately brought our progress to an abrupt end.

Let me share with you exactly where we got to...

Above, you'll see the starting photo. Below, is an image taken the week before our sessions stopped. As mentioned we gained approx a foot since week 2. But there's definitely a lot of work to be done before Marks pelvis touches the floor.

Regardless, just looking at the pictures, it's clear this program has worked wonders for Marks flexibility. In part one I touched on just how tight Mark was, but looking at where he is now, it almost seems unbelievable he was that inflexible initially. I remember clearly saying to Mark as the first photos were being taken 'Can you not edge out a little further', to which he replied 'No chance, that's literally it' lol.

But pandemic or not, we won't be beaten! Mark and I are keen to keep trying with this. Our sessions have moved into the virtual format via Zoom calls. The garage is Mark's current workout area which doesn't quite have the same resources as the R5 studio, so for the time being the goal is to maintain.

Depending on how long this lasts (I'm writing this 2 weeks into lockdown in the UK), we may work out how we can continue progressing from remote locations. But with life being so different for everyone the main focus is keeping Mark fit, healthy and in a good routine.

There will (eventually) be a part 3 to this were I would love to break the amazing news that Mark has achieved a full front split. That may however be further in the future than we would like.

It's also been great to see the response to this style of stretching and a few people have been in contact asking follow up questions. If you would like to discuss anything I haven't already been over, I'd be more than happy to share our experiences.

Other than that, take care and stay safe.