How To Correctly Perform a Press Up

The simple Press Up is pretty common in most workout routines, but are you sure you’re doing yours right? This is one of the most common workouts performed incorrectly, all the time.

The key to success in your workout routine is form, so avoid any bad habits to get the most out of your time working out.

I’ve summarised some important tips for you to do just that. You can watch the video below too for some examples.

Body Positioning

One of the most common mistakes is body positioning. It’s crucial for you to work your chest properly and avoid any injuries. Make sure that your chest almost reaches the ground in between your hands, head straight, with your elbows nicely tucked in order to stretch your chest out.

Summary For the best Press Up:

  • Keep your chest in between your hands

  • Keep your elbows tucked in

  • Keep your head looking up