First week back after Xmas 💪🏼

I felt every single mince pie this week and I’ve definitely been through a fair few in the past month.

Good first week back after the Xmas break. Feeling positive and motivation is high.

I had a program written out for my return to the gym this year. However, National lockdown here in the UK prevented that, so a new program for here at the studio is now underway.

The weekly structure will be 7 different workouts. 2x Pull, 2x Push, 1x Leg, 2x HIIT workouts.

One of my goals this year is to try more CrossFit, so occasionally I’ll be changing one of my HIIT workouts for a gruelling high intensity high rep CrossFit workout.

I introduced this into several clients programs last year with great successful. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and general mental stimulus within the workout all increased.

Tonight’s workout was a hypertrophy based pull workout. Heres’s what I did at our personal training studio here in Sheffield...


- Pull Up (wide ham grip) 3x10

- BB Shrug 2x10/12

- Inverted Row 3x12


- DB BOR 2x20

- Close Grip Pull Down 2x20


- 45degree upright row x15

- Cable Shrugs x15

- 3 sets B2B


- Single Arm Cable Curls 3x6

- DB Hammer Curls 3x20

New year off to a flyer!

All the best,