Memoirs of a man who spends less time on social media.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with social media for many years.

There’s definitely loads of pros - I mean who doesn’t love sharing epic moments on a holiday that live in your memory forever. Or posting a transformation that you and a client have worked tirelessly to achieve. Nothing better!

But there’s equally as many of con’s - I often feel pressured to write posts and keep people up to date with what’s happening at R5. I mean it’s sacrilege if you’re a personal trainer and don’t post every thing that happened that day, I mean how will people know your “smashing it”. It can be time consuming, overwhelming and take up far too much of my attention considering how little I get back from it.

So I took this unique, virus infested, crazy year of 2020 to have some time away from social media.

And during a couple months spent off the hamster wheel, I would occasionally have some interesting retrospective thoughts about social media, some of which I wrote down.

I thought I’d share a few, because really these were just things I needed to hear myself. Which normally means other people need to hear them too.

You’re happiness doesn’t always need to be shared.

Likes don’t represent your self worth.

Your success isn’t defined by the things you post about.

Your work rate isn’t linked to how many times you post.

Bring value to others. Avoid validating yourself.

Be free to express yourself. It brings joy to others, more than you think.

Social media is vanity. Make how you actually live your sanity.

Some will be negative and judgemental. They’re just hurting, and that’s ok.

Keep close ties with those really important to you. Less so with those you’re trying to impress.

Connecting with other people is great, so use social media! - Just don’t let it use you.

Ryan 🤙🏼


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