3 Quick Beginner Workout Tips

Are you new to the Gym? Do you have a new fitness goal? Or are you just looking for some tips on how to get the most out of yourself when you’re working out?

Every individual who begins their fitness journey at the gym can benefit from these top tips for pushing themselves onto achieving their goals.

Control Your Diet

It’s so easy to get into bad habits with your diet and unfortunately just because you’re going to the gym, it doesn't make you invincible to letting your diet slip and doing so will cause you some serious setbacks in achieving your goals, whether that be muscle growth, weight or fat loss.

A well structured nutritional diet that works for you is one of the biggest keys to success at the gym, and by making smart choices at mealtimes you can still enjoy a tasty meal. You can see more about my nutrition recommendations here!

Ask Questions

The Gym can sometimes be a pretty intimidating place, and if you’re a beginner or embarking on a new fitness goal you will probably want to ask some questions.

If you don’t ask questions, often you can fall into bad habits, bad habits lead to bad form and bad form lead to bad results. Avoid this at all costs by asking your questions, I’ll be glad to answer them! You can email me here.

Take Your Time & Keep Form

A common mistake is to rush through your workout and focus too much on the lifting portion of your rep, forget the lowering part and by doing so lose all efficiency in your workout. Take your time during your workout, ensuring you keep form and take advantage of every single rep.

If you’re struggling to control the weight you’ve chosen, you’ve likely set yourself too high. Lighten your load until you can regain a perfect form and work up again.