It's been a while! Welcome 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Ryan Dutton Personal Trainer

It certainly has! A year and 9 months to be since my last blog post, to be exact. A crazy amount has changed in that time - R5 has just hit 5 years in business. We currently have 26 clients doing between 40-50 sessions per week. We've also had countless transformations from extremely hard working clients.

Unfortunately, blog and social media posts took a nose dive due to working pretty ridiculous hours most weeks. Which is great though! The business grew. I was able to buy a house (a huge landmark for me). I now have a new studio in the house where I train my clients. More equipment was bought for even better results.

R5 is in the best position it's ever been, however, I never seemed to get back into the swing of writing blog posts... until now! As part of my new years resolution for 2020, I've committed to 24 blog posts this year, that's 2 a month. I think is more than achievable. In fact I fully intend on writing more, but 24 is great starting point given my free time.

I've been kicking myself all year really. There's been so many occasions since my last blog post when a little gem of wisdom has come up in a session. Or when I've been training by myself. I've immediately thought - 'that would make a great blog post', but unfortunately it never came to fruition. Well no more! I built R5 by producing informative and engaging blog posts and quite frankly, I've missed them, so there back!

I hope you'll join me over the coming months as I share everything from client results, training advice, nutrition tips, fat loss secrets, key's to muscle growth, getting strong and everything in between.

See you on the next one!