The hope and wish strategy

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Truthfully... how many of you use this game plan when trying to lose weight? You've started eating a little bit healthier. You're going to the gym a few times a week. And if you're being honest with you're self, you're just hoping by some MIRACLE in a couple months time you wake up one morning looking like Jenifer Lopez (Even I wish that some mornings, that girls still a gazillion out of ten 😂) The same way a business tracks numbers to grow and be successful. Same appiles to someone looking to change the shape of their body. Now, we all might know someone who didn't track their nutrition and got great results. They simply started eating healthier, lost a shit tonne of weight and it was in a sustainable way. They took a swing in the dark and managed to hit a home run. It can happen. But these cases are few and far between. A shear anomalie compared the vast amount of people who fail trying to lose weight. For the average person it doesn't doesn't go as smoothly as that. Tracking your nutrition is the key to controlling your results. Tracking not only the types of food and drink that enters your mouth, but how much. Calories, protein, carbs and fats. We need a marker on each one, every single day if we're to achieve that physique you scroll past every single day in instagram. Don't get me wrong, to start with it can be a fucking pain in the arse. But gradually, the same way you get up and brush your teeth every morning. Tracking the numbers at every meal will slowly become habitual. Same applies to your training. It needs to start at a very basic, steady but achievable level. And gradually increase in both intensity and volume. Too much too soon and the results will last about as long as a lads first time in the sack. Train hard, think smart and always follow a plan 💪🏼



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